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Lagenda 009

Assalamualaikum. Salam Sejahtera. Hi. -smile- :)


*you... in my mind... forever.

My mind is so bad,
That all I know is you…
Who is not looking at another person...
Always know these feelings I have…
I’m probably part of your days,
You probably have any memories of me…
You who I keep looking at…
My tears keep falling,
I’m happy just looking at you from behind,
On the day,
I miss you so much
on the day,
where it's so hard to deal with...
the word 'i love you' keep lingering on the tips of my lips...

once again I'm crying for you alone,
once again I'm missing you alone,
dear, i love you
i'm waiting for you...

you who i keep looking at,
i'm making memories alone.

wassalam.. thanks for reading this entry ^_^

Terima Kasih. Thanks. Syukran. Gracias. any comment? :)

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