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~Eternity Love~

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Assalamualaikum. Salam Sejahtera. Hi. -smile- :)

a friend is...

a TISSUE when you can't stop crying,

a SHOULDER when you feel like dying,

always LISTEN when you have something to say,

a WEEK when you just need a DAY,
a CRUTCH when you have a BROKEN HEART,

some GLUE when everything FALLS APART,

a SUN when the rain just WON'T STOP,

your MOM when you run into a COP,

PHONE CALL when you can't leave your home,

HAND when you feel all ALONE,

WING if you want to FLY,

UNDERSTANDS without knowing WHY,

an EAR for a secret to TELL,

an ASPIRIN when you feel UNWELL,

a LOVE that can never LET GO.

i love you friends.

Terima Kasih. Thanks. Syukran. Gracias. any comment? :)

4 orang komen:

Aiman said...

ambo syg saing ambo jgop

lagenda budak hitam said...

ahahahaha.... molek la gitu gak. biar ore x sayang ko kita, asal kita sayang ko org.. :p

Aiman said...

hi9 po Nabi Muhammad la mula2 dl

lagenda budak hitam said...

erm.... x sama la.....

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