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~Eternity Love~

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aku ingin engkau tahu, bahawa i'll be waiting for you.

Assalamualaikum. Salam Sejahtera. Hi. -smile- :)

the white starlight envelops the tears
the tears fall in the warm wind
do you feel it?
This trembling, quiet whisper that is going your way

I draw you on this white paper
the warm smile holds me
is this love?
Even when I close my eyes, I see only you

I will be waiting for you
I will wait for you

I don’t want to see the tears of pain anymore
you let me know
this love that’s like a lie, I’ll never let it go
because that love is you

I’m walking in my memories with you
the tears fill even the deepest area of my heart
what should I do?
Even in my dreams, I miss you

Please look at me, like the faraway stars
can’t you be the one that’s in my heart
Terima Kasih. Thanks. Syukran. Gracias. any comment? :)

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