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i would like to tell you about.......

Assalamualaikum. Salam Sejahtera. Hi. -smile- :)

achum!!!! ahhchumm!!!!!

oooh. banyak sangat debu habuk kat blog ni. ishhh~

ohkay. i would like to tell you about MY ENTIRE LIFE for a week.

Selected as a MRC firstly WOW. But, how can i manage my time?
i'm having 20 credit hours laa this semester.

he said, it doesn't matter. as long as sincerity is ours, it doesn't matter.

ohhhhhh. why? why? why?

okay, next. MRC's induction is going well. very WELL.

we hiking together, picking-up someone being our Lord and Queen, walking in the river, relaxing at waterfall. oh. ^__^

and, and, BBQ-ing. wohooooo. 


maka, pulang membawa semangat untuk bekerja ! dan ready untuk next JOURNEY. gua tempurung. :)
Terima Kasih. Thanks. Syukran. Gracias. any comment? :)

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